Who is FlyInStyle?

FlyInStyle is a global content marketing and technology company that delivers solutions to improve the airport retail channel. Our team holds decades of deep industry and professional experience. We help airports, airlines, brands, and retailers develop and execute strategies to understand and interact with the connected traveler improving their airport experience.

With optimized digital, mobile, content and social media marketing to amplify brand and retail messaging, leverage new communication channels, and inspire consumer interactions, FlyInStyle delivers holistic end-to-end marketing strategies and tools incorporating the latest technologies, targeting today’s connected traveler.

FlyInStyle makes the airport a fun, socially-connected destination for shoppers. We’re focused on developing the “6th Continent”, travel retail.

Airports are a Rapidly Transforming Retail Channel… Going Mobile Makes the Difference.

Over 80% of purchases are made via a mobile device. As consumers shift retail spending to digital channels, the FlyInStyle App connects airports, brands and retailers to travelers with engaging offers, events and discounts.

Our free, beacon-enabled smartphone application that connects airport consumers with the retailers and brands they love throughout their trip is powered by the FlyInStyle Content Management System (CMS). This proprietary CMS provides the perfect platform for airports and retailers to ensure on-time, relevant content is delivered directly to the consumer in real-time.

White-Label Services: Leverage Our Relationships to Increase Your Conversions.

Relationships lead to engagement. Engagement leads to expanded reach, impressions, and visibility. Engagement with the targeted consumer invariably leads to increased conversions. Whether you’re targeting conversions as brand-awareness, sales, customer service improvement, or feedback to better meet the needs of the travelers, when you leverage our relationships you’ll increase those conversions.

Our white-label services include channel marketing strategy and campaigns, digital content development and curation, technology integration, and online and social marketing management. All services are fully customized and scaled to meet the unique needs of each airport and retailer.